Waste, Fraud and Abuse Response Form

Tell us of suspected waste, fraud or abuse of services paid for by Healthy Blue.

Policies for Waste, Fraud and Abuse

The policies for each market represent Healthy Blue’s commitment to detecting, mitigating and preventing waste, fraud and abuse under the requirements of Anthem, Inc.’s Corporate Compliance Program and individual state and federal laws and regulations. All providers, vendors, and contractors who conduct business with Healthy Blue are required to comply with its policies related to waste, fraud and abuse. Please review these policies, distribute them to those employees/contractors who interact with Healthy Blue and incorporate the corporate responsibility to detect, mitigate, and prevent waste, fraud and abuse in your organization's daily activities. By working together to help prevent, detect, and mitigate waste, fraud and abuse, we can make a positive impact on the healthcare programs in which we each participate.

Please click on the link below to view the available policies: